Creative Christmas

Grade 7 at NGG International School have made some glorious lanterns,  candle sticks and Christmas tree ornaments.  They’ve been dedicated about bringing empty jam jars and bottles to class, and cleaned-up their cupboards at home as they scoffed their way through the remains of Nutella,  peanut butter,  jam, pickled red cabbage and the occasional soused herring – but not all at the same sitting.
I think that you’ll agree that all this recycling,  and a bit of tissue paper and wire have made some lovely objects.


Ani’s awesome tiger lily.


Ani’s design from above.


Alberte’s warm and glowing lantern.


Tara’s tartan extravaganza.


Luca’s design challenge.


Alberte excelled with wire.


And Isak was the first to whittle a wax candle down.

Next week – Grade 7 design whacky hats!

About Heather Gartside

Storyteller and photographer based in Denmark
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